Address of headquarters

AKC - Production s.r.o.
Veselá 103
763 15 Veselá
Česká Republika

IČ: 26927594
DIČ: CZ26927594

 Address of workshop

AKC - Production s.r.o.
Zlínská 966
763 12 Vizovice
Česká Republika 


Ing. Tomáš KřížkaBusiness Manager (demand / orders)
Pavel KřížkaTechnical Manager
Jakub KřížkaProduction Manager (production)
Lucie BartošováEconomics and HR
Libor KašnýQuality
Erika ŠkutováWarehouse, Purchase
+420 774 888 873obchod@akc-production.cz
+420 775 593 388pkrizka@akc-production.cz
+420 777 773 831vyroba@akc-production.cz
+420 725 069 827ucetni@akc-production.cz
+420 608 540 830kvalita@akc-production.cz
+420 774 458 494nakup@akc-production.cz


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Information on the processing of personal data in the operation of the CCTV system on the premises of AKC-Production s.r.o. for persons moving in the area:

In order to protect the assets of our company and to protect the health and life of persons moving within the premises, the premises of AKC-Production s.r.o. monitored by a camera system. The premises in which the CCTV system is located are always clearly marked with information signs. In accordance with Articles 13 and 14 of EU Regulation 216/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) we provide you with the following information to process your personal data:

Personal Data Manager:228/5000 AKC-Production s.r.o., IČO 26927594, Veselá 103, 763 15 Slusovice. Contact person: Ing. Tomáš Křižka. The controller does not have a privacy officer.
Purpose of processing and legal basis for processing:CCTV recordings are processed for the purposes of the legitimate interest of the administrator, namely for the purpose of protecting his property and protecting the life and health of employees and other persons moving within the company premises.
Categories of personal data concerned:Visual and audio identification data in the form of camera recordings.
Recipients of personal data concerned:Authorized staff, in justified cases, law enforcement authorities or other interested persons (insurance company). There are no planned beneficiaries outside the EU.
Duration of personal data storage:7 days.
Data subject rights:Under the conditions set out above, you have the right to: - access to your personal data - rectify inaccurate personal data - delete - restrict processing - object to the processing of personal data. If you believe that your personal data has been violated by law, you have the right to file a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection.